Yuqi GIDLE Will Collaborate with Alan Walker and JVKE, Fire Themed Set Guaranteed to Attract All Fans

Yuqi GIDLE akan kolaborasi dengan Alan Walker dan JVKE (Kolase Instagram @yuqisong.923 dan @alanwalkermusic)

– Good news now comes from Yuqi, a member of GIDLE, who will collaborate with Alan Walker & JVKE.

This member of GIDLE will release single “Fire!” from his collaboration with Alan Walker.

The collaboration between Yuqi GIDLE x Alan Walker and JVKE will be released on (14/12) at 7 pm KST.

Reported by KBI Zoom, this collaboration will produce a song with the title “Fire!” which is about love.

The song about love that Yuqi released this time will be full of passion that burns like petrol.

The lyrics in the song will contain expressions of contradictory feelings from a pair of lovers.

The two lovers will be thrilled by each other’s temptations but will not want to hurt each other.

It is known that musician Alan Walker has a taste for electronic music, which this time will be combined with JVKE’s charming voice.

These two talents will be combined to be complemented by the presence of Yuqi GIDLE in the song.

Yuqi will enter with her characteristic voice dreamy but still have power.

These three talents will combine to produce a combined masterpiece that is guaranteed to satisfy their listeners.

Yuqi has previously released covers JVKE’s song with the title “ghost town” on GIDLE’s official YouTube.

Yuqi GIDLE akan kolaborasi dengan Alan Walker dan JVKE (Kolase Instagram @yuqisong.923 dan @alanwalkermusic)

GIDLE have also recently completed their concert in Philadelphia as well as performances Jingle Ball Tour on iHeartRadio.

It is known that GIDLE is also preparing to make their comeback with their second full album in 2024.

Get ready to welcome the song “Fire!” the result of a collaboration between Yuqi GIDLE, Alan Walker, and JVKE!

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