Will Become Maknae! JYP Releases Line Up of NiziU Boys, Netizens: This Is a Crazy Team…

Boy Group besutan JYP saudara NiziU, NEXZ akhirnya resmi diperkenalkan dan merilis teaser (Instagram @jypentertainment)

Will be Maknae at JYP, boy groups this is referred to as NiziU’s younger brother.

Just like NiziU who successfully debuted girl groups totaling seven people, JYP has now released a version boy groups which also comes from survival.

NiziU’s younger brother is boy groups JYP’s next release after Stray Kids and expectations are increasing.

On Friday (15/12), the last member debuted boy groups JYP was finally formed with Nizi Project 2.

There are seven Japanese members who debuted under the name NEXZ, where the survival was officially broadcast on JYP’s official YouTube and Hulu for viewing in Japan.

In the last episode, it managed to occupy first place in the overall ranking on the Japanese platform.

The large rating proves that there is great public interest in the event boy groups new.

NiziU’s brother’s group name is Next Z(G) generation which was created by representative producer and judge at JYP, Park Jin Young.

This means that the members in charge or the next generation will come together to present good music and performances by entering a new era.

During the announcement debut line up, Park Jin Young expressed, “I hope NEXZ will open the future for a new generation,” while explaining the reason for the name.

NEXZ itself consists of Tomoya, Haru, Yuuki, Ken, Yu, Yuhi, and Seita, they are listed in order from first to last.

Boy Group besutan JYP saudara NiziU, NEXZ akhirnya resmi diperkenalkan dan merilis teaser (Instagram @jypentertainment)

They are predicted to combine their singing and dancing skills like superstars.

In the last episode, their stage song was “Miracle”, a new song written by Park Jin Young.

Bang Chan, Chang Bin, Han from 3RACHA, an independent unit of Stray Kids appeared as special judges to give heartfelt reviews to the participants.

NEXZ’s final formation ended their journey in Nizi Project 2 saying, “We will continue to do our best to achieve our dream of becoming the best agency in the world.

When you give us a great opportunity, we will show you how we develop to meet your expectations.”

NEXZ itself immediately received great attention as a new group from Japan and will start appearing as guest stars on broadcasts there on Monday (18/12).

Teaser debut 'Miracle'

‘Miracle’ debut teaser (Instagram @jypentertainment)

See teasers NEXZ debut, netizens provide various comments:

“When they auditioned for episode 1, they were clearly cute and innocent kids, but when they formed the final team, they felt like adults, right?

This is a crazy team whose skill and beauty are growing exponentially. I look forward to seeing what the future holds.”

“Debut member announcement I literally cried! Congratulations on your debut! These seven guys have great visuals and great style, and I feel like they will make a great group.”

“I watched it so closely that I watched it at 0.25x speed and everyone was very visual. It will sell well, especially Yu Tomiyasu.”

Teaser debut 'Miracle'

‘Miracle’ debut teaser (Instagram @jypentertainment)
Boy Group besutan JYP saudara NiziU, NEXZ akhirnya resmi diperkenalkan dan merilis teaser (Instagram @jypentertainment)

“Wow, they also released the Korean version just like that?!?! Make sure to sell your debut album in Korea too,  All the NEXZ magazines will take Korea by storm.”

Anggota NEXZ

NEXZ Member (Instagram @jypentertainment)

“The more I listen to this song, the more interested I become in it. I can’t help but be attracted to Tomoya. Everyone looks so cool and excited️️. ✔️Best visuals & costumes.”
“I look forward to seeing it in full on Monday. Too cool and dangerous.”

“Oh no! ! ! Does this mean there is a Korean version, making its Japanese and Korean debut at the same time? ! ! ! I support them. If there are seven people who can become world-class artists, they definitely can,” and other comments.

Anggota NEXZ

NEXZ Member (Instagram @jypentertainment)

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