TWICE’s Mina’s face looked ugly when she was little, so people close to her were worried

Mina TWICE ceritakan bahwa pada masa kecil dia sempat terlihat jelek. (Tangkap layar YouTube TWICE)

– Not long ago, TWICE’s Mina was seen chatting with Jihyo and Jeongyeon about her childhood.

TWICE’s Mina told Jihyo and Jeongyeon that she had an ugly face when she was little.

Mina’s words immediately shocked Jeongyeon and Jihyo, because one of them playing dancer TWICE has a very beautiful face at the moment.

On Tuesday (12/12), JYP Entertainment released a new video on the TWICE YouTube channel which focused on Jihyo.

It is a vlog of TWICE’s Jihyo who is holding a concert in Paris, France with the other members of her group.

Apart from the concert, Jihyo also took a walk to enjoy the view of Paris with two other TWICE members, namely Jeongyeon and Mina.

Jihyo, Jeongyeon, and Mina also had lunch at a restaurant in Paris, and chatted with each other.

One of the conversations that TWICE’s Jeongyeon, Jihyo and Mina had was about Jihyo’s face when she was little.

Jeongyeon teased Jihyo, where the second oldest woman in TWICE said that sang leader had an ugly face when he was little.

“How can you have such a different face now?” Jeongyeon said, and Jihyo answered, “Was I that ugly when I was little?”

Jeongyeon confidently said, “Uwaaah you look like a really ugly doll.” Jihyo immediately got annoyed.

Mina TWICE ceritakan bahwa pada masa kecil dia sempat terlihat jelek. (Tangkap layar YouTube TWICE)

Mina then joined in telling about her face as a child. “My parents’ friends were worried because I used to look ugly when I was little.”

Jihyo and Jeongyeon immediately said, “Really?” However, that ugly face disappeared when Mina entered middle school.

“Around when I entered junior high school, my parents’ friends were finally relieved because I looked beautiful,” said Mina to Jihyo and Jeongyeon.

Even though TWICE’s Mina and Jihyo had ugly faces when they were children, in fact the two women were able to enter the group which has 9 members, all of whom have very beautiful visuals.

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