TVXQ’s Changmin is ridiculed by his own fans just because he has a different choice of ball, netizens: Every week he gets hurt…

Netizen komentari Changmin TVXQ yang diejek penggemarnya karena beda pilihan bola (Instagram @changmin88)

TVXQ member Changmin attracted attention because he was seen arguing with his own fans just because of different ball choices.

This duo group under SM Entertainment, Yunho and Changmin, is one of the second generation groups that is still active today.

Even after the news that TVXQ’s Changmin was married, they still existed and many fans loved him.

TVXQ’s Changmin’s journey to becoming a successful idol doesn’t seem easy.

News about Korean idols’ marriages often causes responses that are considered very sensitive, especially among fans and the public.

One idol who has a fairly smooth romance is TVXQ’s Max Changmin.

It is known that Changmin has never been involved in a scandal since he debuted in the entertainment world in 2003.

The news of Changmin’s marriage and the birth of his first son was flooded with congratulations from the public.

Changmin himself announced his marriage to his girlfriend in September 2020, not long after SM confirmed the news of him dating a non-celebrity.

Before officially getting married, Changmin wrote a letter to his fans and shared it with fan cafe.

In the letter, Changmin expressed how happy he was and apologized to fans.

Netizen komentari Changmin TVXQ yang diejek penggemarnya karena beda pilihan bola (Instagram @changmin88)

Recently on the Weverse platform, fans teased Changmin about his choice of football.

At that time, it seemed like fans edited Changmin’s photo wearing an Arsenal t-shirt while making fun of him.

The fan wrote, “Changmin you will be happy if you support Arsenal.”

The 35-year-old singer immediately commented on the fan’s post and denied it.

“Never, ever stop joking.”

Their funny actions received lots of comments from netizens, It is known that Changmin prefers MU to Arsenal.

“Strong humans are Emyu fans.”

Jawaban lucu Changmin

Changmin’s funny answer (Twitter @starfess)

“It’s cute but emyu fans.”

“You answered really well, sir.”

“Changmin is a strong human, wow.”

“Handsome, handsome, your fans.”

Postingan penggemar Changmin TVXQ

TVXQ Changmin fan post (Twitter @starfess)
Jawaban lucu Changmin

Changmin’s funny answer (Twitter @starfess)
Netizen komentari Changmin TVXQ yang diejek penggemarnya karena beda pilihan bola (Instagram @changmin88)


“Changmin is the definition, given the perfection of life, he chose to become an Emyu fan.”

“Changmin is really loyal, even though he gets hurt every week.”

“The most awaited notification after MU’s defeat.”

“It’s not a fight, but this is Shinwon teasing his fans who are Arsenal fans. BTW, Shinwon, Chelsea is so hard-line that he hopes for the downfall of other teams.”

“Actually, those who are fans of Emyu are the ones who really liked football from the start, many supporters are now triggered just because Emyu’s performance is becoming increasingly unclear and now they are being bullied.

If you see how Emyu used to be, you will understand why the fans are so loyal to this team,” and other comments.

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