TREASURE REBOOT concert in Seoul becomes the talk of Korean netizens on Pann, live sound and fan service are highlighted: Si Yoon Jae Hyuk…

Konser TREASURE di Seoul sukses jadi bahan obrolan netizen Korea di Pann (Twitter @treasuremaker)

TREASURE has successfully held their concert entitled REBOOT in Seoul.

Held for 3 days at the KSPO Dome, TREASURE managed to gather more than 23 thousand spectators at their concert.

Even the TREASURE concert REBOOT in Seoul This is also a hot topic of conversation netizens Korea on the Pann site.

This started after an OP admitted that he was amazed after seeing the TREASURE concert through several video clips on Twitter.

The OP even gave praise by writing, “ fan service it’s really nothing, daebak . Appearance live It’s really crazy too”

Unmitigated, this OP even said that he would definitely watch the TREASURE concert next year.

TREASURE itself at their concert seemed to really pamper the fans who came.

Apart from stage performances, each member also enthusiastically tries to interact closely with his fans.

In response to this, netizens Other Koreans then also gave their reactions to the TREASURE concert.

Just like the OP, a lot netizens Korea also praised his appearance live TREASURE.

“Yoon Jae Hyuk swears, when you see him in person he’s crazy handsome.”

“Please make sure everyone watches the TREASURE concert, I don’t regret watching it at all”

Konser TREASURE di Seoul sukses jadi bahan obrolan netizen Korea di Pann (Twitter @treasuremaker)

“The seriousness of the concert was extraordinary, even encore too”

“I was really surprised when I saw Doyoung and Yoshi. “I initially had my own favorites, but when I saw the last concert yesterday I immediately had a bias crisis.”

Live and their performance is really good, it looks really exciting.”

“I recommend you go to a TREASURE concert at least once. Seriously, if you watch, you will be excited and the members will also look good. But for me personally, Jihoon, Yoon Jae Hyuk, and Yoshi really legend”

Meanwhile, TREASURE itself has just started its new journey with the concept REBOOT along with 10 members.

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