The ‘Halal’ Version of EXO’s ‘The First Snow’ Audio Spread on TikTok is Reaping Controversy: Is That Haram…


– One of EXO’s songs, “The First Snow”, has recently received attention netizens.

The reason is that from the beginning of December, content creator made in droves challenges used EXO’s song entitled “The First Snow” because the snow season had started.

Not only content creator , Kpop idols also don’t want to miss out on doing “The First Snow” challenges. On the other hand, EXO as the owner of the song just joined this trend a few days ago.

However, unexpectedly, there was an audio of “The First Snow” on TikTok which sparked debate.

The reason is that someone made the audio and the audio user claimed that it was the ‘halal’ version of EXO’s “The First Snow”.

What is meant by ‘halal’ here does not mean that the lyrics were changed to Islamic or Arabic, but rather that the sound maker muted the lyrics of “Merry Christmas” in the song “The First Snow”.

One of the video challenges “The First Snow” with the ‘halal’ audio version even managed to get thousands likes on TikTok.

Meanwhile, as reported by Antara, the MUI itself has not issued a fatwa regarding whether it is halal or haram to say “Merry Christmas”.

The MUI stated that Muslims can adhere to the opinion of the ulama/school they follow to determine whether saying “Merry Christmas” is permitted or prohibited.

On the other hand, the song “The First Snow” by EXO actually tells the story of someone who failed move on and can only say “Merry Christmas” when he meets his ex.

But the existence of the ‘halal’ version of the audio of “The First Snow” which mutes the lyrics of “Merry Christmas” still causes debate among netizens.

Following are some of the comments quoted from Twitter @tanyakanrl.

if it’s haram for you don’t do the challenge then ..”

“What’s so strange about people? Saying Merry Christmas is like eating pork, you like Korean idols and then talking about halal and haram is already strange. It’s a sin to just choose.”

oh girlie please don’t ruin a beautiful song like that.. if that’s so haram for you then perhaps just don’t do the challenge? idk .”

“Even just mentioning Merry Christmas won’t make him change his religion, it’s also tacky.”

“If you think it’s haram, don’t do it, it’s very easy to make something haram.”

“How haram is it that it’s come to this… Anjr I’m really hurt… Forced to follow the trend to such an extent?”

“Is it really haram to marry Christmas? Oh my god, I’m heartless”

“I just want to say that the words ‘Merry Christmas’ will not cause your faith to waver to the point that everything is censored. Y’all so sick. If you really want to stand up for what you believe in, BE BOLD and don’t take part in challenges, don’t be disrespectful to the point of being censored by all the forces.”

Meanwhile, the original audio of the ‘halal’ version of “The First Snow” can no longer be found via search engines.

Then what do you think?

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