Successfully Holding a Concert for 3 Days, TREASURE Also Invited 150 People from Childhood Cancer NGOs to the Korea Federation of Blind

TREASURE undang 150 orang dari LSM Kanker dan federasi tunanetra Korea di konsernya (x @ygtreasuremaker)

– TREASURE, the boy group from YG Entertainment successfully held its solo concert.

For 3 days, TREASURE held a solo concert entitled 2023 TREASURE CONCERT REBOOT IN SEOUL.

This solo concert was held from Friday (15/12) to Sunday (17/12).

This TREASURE concert was held at KSPO DOME, Seoul, South Korea.

The concert was held with lighting and a stage that was able to amaze the audience.

The stage was designed according to their latest album REBOOT, where at the top of the stage there was a design resembling a restart button.

In addition, colorful lights, lasers, LEDs and fireworks were installed to add to the splendor of the stage.

Apart from that, TREASURE’s performance was also supported by band players which added to the heat of the atmosphere.

TREASURE also gave a surprise with VCR when they parodied popular films and dramas.

All these performances were carried out to entertain the fans who attended the concert venue.

Apart from fans, apparently TREASURE also invited 150 people from the Korea Federation of the Blind, the Hanbit Child Cancer NGO, and Save the Children.

TREASURE undang 150 orang dari LSM Kanker dan federasi tunanetra Korea di konsernya (x @ygtreasuremaker)

Not only was the stage made magnificent, TREASURE also made the venue comfortable for fans and those with disabilities.

A video is provided to guide the accessibility of the TREASURE 2023 concert recorded by Doyoung and Park Jeong Woo.

The show was very interactive where TREASURE members could meet directly with fans.

A portable stage is provided which allows members to be closer to the audience and have direct contact with them.


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