Share Highest Album Sales Ranking on K-Pop Circle Chart 2023, This OP Even Reaps KNetz Criticism: Only Happens to BTS…

Netizen komentari peringkat penjualan album tertinggi Kpop Circle Chart 2023 (Kolase Instagram @saythename_17 @newjeans_official @realstraykids @bts.bighitofficial)

– Recently, an OP shared the sales ranking of K-pop idol albums circle charts 2023 in community forums.

In this post OP shared the top 30 highest album sales this year.


  1. SEVENTEEN 16,673,735 copies
  2. Stray Kids 10,602,703 copies
  3. BTS 9,053,852 copies
  4. TXT 6,492,514 copies
  5. NCT DREAM 4,861,149 copies
  6. NCT 127 4,376,166 copies
  7. NewJeans 4,347,518 copies
  8. ENHYPEN 3,859,632 copies
  9. ZEROBASEONE 3,851,210 copies
  10. IVE 3,738,326 copies
  11. aespa 3,440,758 copies
  12. ATEEZ 3,248,195 copies
  13. TWICE 2,550,115 copies
  14. EXO 2,361,471 copies
  15. BLACKPINK 2,360,528 copies
  16. TREASURE 1,983,770 copies
  17. LE SSERAFIM 1,961,210 copies
  18. NMIXX 1,873,871 copies
  19. GIDLE 1,626,457 copies
  20. The Boyz 1,470,078 copies
  21. ITZY 1,357,398 copies
  22. SHINee 1,069,877 copies
  23. RIIZE 1,040,989 copies
  24. STAYC 788,758 copies
  25. Monsta X 748,302 copies
  26. BOYNEXTDOOR 725,173 copies
  27. Red Velvet 676,067 copies
  28. Cravity 632,250 copies
  29. Way V 555,188 copies
  30. Cycus 390,981 copies


After seeing the total number of sales of the 2023 K-pop idol circle chart combined solo and group that OP posted.

The comments column for OP’s post was immediately flooded with various reactions Knetz .

The top 30 list that OP shared is the total combined album sales of solo and groups.


It attracts attention Knetz and immediately criticized the OP.

Not without reason Knetz making these comments, they said that solo and group sales should be separate.

They also said that only solo BTS members would be included in the total sales amount in 2023.

Below are comments Knetz regarding OP’s post when combining solo and group sales.

“Why are solo units added to groups? It is correct to display solos and units separately, therefore not sold as a group”

Netizen komentari peringkat penjualan album tertinggi Kpop Circle Chart 2023 (Kolase Instagram @saythename_17 @newjeans_official @realstraykids @bts.bighitofficial)

“Solo should be marked separately”

“There is no BTS album this year, but all the solos are called BTS haha. I think it would be better to separate these things, but isn’t a solo still a solo?”

“Are there any groups that add solos at the same time? Why does it only happen to BTS”

“If you want to mark the solo separately, you can make it yourself, why bother here?”

“Why are you guys so angry about this summation?”

“If it’s solo, does that mean they won’t be a member of that group? I guess circle chart decided to do that haha. Is he a big fan?”

“I’ve seen the posts every year since 2017, and they’re always posted as a combination of groups and units, so why do you guys bother?”

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