SEVENTEEN Becomes the First Guest of the Nana Tour, Excitingly Travels on a European Trip for the First Time

SEVENTEEN jadi tamu pertama business tour Nana Tour (TL Teaser Nana Tour)

– Na Young Seok who is the Producer of tnV’s new program Nana Tour now releasing a video teasers they are with SEVENTEEN.

SEVENTEEN this time was the first guest for the event which carried the concept of a new travel agent Nana Tour.

This time the first guest, SEVENTEEN, will appear on tvN’s newest entertainment program with the title Nana Tour with Seventeen .

Videos teasers The first one has shown highlights from the journey that aired today (18/12).

Journey Nana Tour with Seventeen This time we will share the Italian tour agenda with guide and event producer Na Young Seok, as reported by Sedaily.

Working again as a guide, Young Seok this time opened a program that shares SEVENTEEN’s journey of friendship.

Since debuting 9 years ago, the group will return in a big party of special games in Nana Tour.

Expert Na Young Seok’s competition will be pitted against SEVENTEEN members who are taking part in his journey this time.

This trip will be limited to 24 hours with sightseeing in Italy throughout the day.

This program will air on (05/01) 2024 at 20:40 KST with SEVENTEEN enjoying the journey in their own way.

The guide Yong Seok this time was surprised by the group’s strong cohesion, especially in terms of SEVENTEEN’s appetite for eating food.

Woozi and Mingyu expressed their satisfaction with the trip to their favorite places in Italy.

SEVENTEEN jadi tamu pertama business tour Nana Tour (TL Teaser Nana Tour)

Joshua and Jun will immerse themselves in the emotions of their journey on their upcoming tour.

Wonwoo said that Italy really suits his body type and this will make viewers happy.

A happy picture of SEVENTEEN will emerge with the group’s first European trip since debut.

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