Rian Whispers SNSD’s Hyoyeon Discussing Former DIA’s Kwon Chae Won’s Bad Behavior at Universe Ticket!

Hyoyeon SNSD dan Rian La Chica bersama tim Unicorn yang lain bicarakan Kwon Chae Won eks Dia di Universe Ticket (VIU)

Ex member girl groups DIA Kwon Chae Won became the topic of conversation for Rian La Chica and SNSD’s Hyoyeon on Universe Tickets.

Universe Tickets itself has entered its 5th episode hosted by Unicorn Hyoyeon SNSD, Rian La Chica, Kim Sejeong, and Younha, in this episode Kwon Chae Won, former DIA, appeared Wednesday (13/12).

Kim Chae Won, former DIA, entered the average level at Level Station Universe Ticket , which all the contestants perform solo battle used the song “Ticket to You” which was choreographed by Rian La Chica so that his action with SNSD’s Hyoyeon attracted attention.

The scoring system this time is different from usual in that apart from relying on Unicorn choices, this time the full voting system is not used Universe Tickets.

In the round level stations In this case, the contestants have to compete to show their best Universe Ticket so Unicorn   doesn’t eliminate him.

To be able to debut on Universe Tickets, Participants must be able to reach a high level through level stations .

On level stations There are 3 levels, namely high, average and low, for those who are at the same level they will be divided into 2 teams and will do battle.

For the winning team, 3 participants will be promoted and level up and the others will be safe and able to compete again.

Meanwhile, for the losing team, there will be 3 participants who are preparing to be eliminated by the Unicorns, meaning that out of 39 participants there will be 9 participants who will be eliminated and 9 who will be promoted.

To determine the level of each participant, the Unicorn team gave their test through songs from the OST Universe Tickets “Ticket to You”.

After that, the Unicorn team consisting of Rian La Chica, Kim Sejeong, Younha, and SNSD’s Hyoyeon categorized each participant into one of the levels.

Hyoyeon SNSD dan Rian La Chica bersama tim Unicorn yang lain bicarakan Kwon Chae Won eks Dia di Universe Ticket (VIU)

When solo battle, Kwon Chae Won, former DIA, fought Narumi, where they, like the other participants, performed “Ticket to You”.

Narumi got advice from Rian La Chica to be able to use her body as well as possible.

Meanwhile, Kwon Chae Won received encouragement from Kim Sejeong and gave her support.

Kwon Chae Won started crying when she received support from SNSD’s Hyoyeon and expressed her thanks.

In the 5th episode Universe Tickets below average level appearing and divided into 2 teams.

Two teams of average level are preparing to appear and there are 2 producer teams handling the average team, one of which is Adora.

Adora and Nano Vendors became producers where they produced several songs from BTS to NCT U.

There is also the producer PARERMAKER which has three talented producers such as Tenzo, EB, and Samuel Ku. They are famous for their work through WANNA ONE, IU, and GFRIEND.

Nana, Jayla, Gabi, Goo Gyoryeon, Lee Sun Woo, Bae Haram, Jeon Jin Yeong are in the PARERMAKER team.

The PARERMAKER production team rearranged BoA’s song “Girls On Top” with a different concept from the original singer.

Meanwhile, in the Vendors and ADORA teams there were Sumin, Kotoko, Chaewon ex-DIA, Choi Hye Rin, YoonA, and Nako where they used the re-arranged Jewelry song “Superstar”.

Hyoyeon SNSD dan Rian La Chica bersama tim Unicorn yang lain bicarakan Kwon Chae Won eks Dia di Universe Ticket (VIU)

When the team was divided, Kwon Chae Won became leader from her group called Twinkle.

Apart from being leader, Kwon Chae Won is very ambitious to become playing vocals who delivers the high notes on “Superstar.”

When Adora and the Vendors asked who wanted to sing high notes Kwon Chae Won volunteered.

After trying she failed to meet the producers’ expectations and Sumin was chosen to sing high notes.

Kwon Chae Won’s annoyed expression was very visible when she failed to get the high note.

While doing training together, it was seen that Kwon Chae Won was not there leader the good one.

He made several of his teammates lose a lot of time and had difficulty memorizing the choreo because he couldn’t give good instructions.

Even during vocal practice, Kwon Chae Won cried because she didn’t carry out the instructions well.

Sumin was forced to replace Kwon Chae Won’s role in coordinating her team to practice choreography because Kwon Chae Won was drowning in her difficulties.

In between, Rian La Chica told the other Unicorns about Kwon Chae Won.

“I’ll be honest about him, he has a lot of bad habits, who knows if he can fix those habits,” Hyoyeon and Younha nodded their heads while giving a code of confirmation.

Gagal dapat nada tinggi

Failed to get high tone (VIU)
Hyoyeon SNSD dan Rian La Chica bersama tim Unicorn yang lain bicarakan Kwon Chae Won eks Dia di Universe Ticket (VIU)

Afterwards Younha said, “How can we help fix that? Gosh, Chae Won.”

Rian said again, “Someone should sit him down and fix his habits.”

Unfortunately Kwon Chae Won had to leave the stage Universe Tickets where he was chosen by the Unicorns.

Tim para unicorn

Team of unicorns (VIU)

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