Review of Deaths: Seo In Guk’s tense death game in every episode until the tragic love story brings tears to your eyes!

Deaths Game hadirkan kesan menegangkan disetiap kematian Seo In Guk dan akhir kisah cinta yang tragis (Instagram @tving.official)

Drama series Death Games has officially broadcast episodes 1-4 or their first part yesterday (15/12) ( This article contains spoilers ).

Starring Seo In Guk and Park So Dam as the main characters, Death Games successfully presents various emotions and tension in each episode.

While watching Death Games, The audience is invited to follow the sad story of Seo In Guk’s life as Choi Yee Jae who decides to commit suicide.

Unfortunately, Choi Yee Jae’s suicide actually angered the figure of death.

In the end, Choi Yee Jae had to be sentenced to live 12 lives where in each life he had to experience death again.

However, Choi Yee Jae can live again if he can survive and avoid death in the body of one of these lives.

The shooting process was intense for each character Death Games succeeded in inviting the audience to feel the emotions that Choi Yee Jae feels every time he wakes up in a new life.

Apart from that, the acting of the famous actors and actresses who also star in this drama also deserves thumbs up.

Their ability to play the character Choi Yee Jae with exactly the same emotions without any contrast between the differences between each character is also an added point in this drama.

In the first episode, Death Games tries to invite the audience to understand the feeling of despair experienced by Choi Yee Jae because of his difficulties in life until he finally decided to commit suicide.

In this episode, Choi Yee Jae is then resurrected in a person’s body chaebol Named Park Jin Tae (Choi Siwon), the second son of CEO Taekang.

In his first life as Park Jin Tae, Choi Yee Jae unfortunately had to die due to a plane crash that burned his entire body.

Deaths Game hadirkan kesan menegangkan disetiap kematian Seo In Guk dan akhir kisah cinta yang tragis (Instagram @tving.official)

After dying in Park Jin Tae’s body, Choi Yee Jae was resurrected in the body of an extreme sports lover named Song Jae Seop (Sung Hoon).

Choi Yee Jae in Song Jae Seop’s body died due to an accident while doing a diving challenge without a parachute which ultimately destroyed his upper body.

In the second episode, Choi Yee Jae has to live life as a high school student named Kwon Hyeok Su (Kim Kang Hoon) who committed suicide because he was a victim. bullying at his school.

In Kwon Hyeok Su’s body, Choi Yee Jae tries hard to survive and fight the perpetrators bully to him.

Even though he managed to fight back, unfortunately Choi Yee Jae still had to experience death again because he was killed by the main character who bullied him.

In the fourth life, Choi Yee Jae reappears in the body of Lee Ju Hun (Jang Seung Jo) who is part of a criminal gang that handles various things including killing people.

In Choi Yee Jae’s life in Lee Ju Hun’s body, viewers will witness many thrilling action scenes.

Choi Yee Jae, who was chased by his gang members for stealing valuables, had to be willing to die at the hands of the woman who took advantage of him.

Again and again, Choi Yee Jae is resurrected again but this time in the body of a 21 year old man who dreams of becoming an MMA fighter who is experiencing financial difficulties.

Unfortunately, this man named Cho Tae Sang (Lee Jae Wook) then had to languish in prison because of the death of a woman in which he was framed by promising to receive money if he was willing to replace the original perpetrator.

The story of Choi Yee Jae’s life in Cho Tae Sang’s body is an exciting and tense story because it is related to the case of Kwon Hyeok Su, who was previously a victim. bully.

Choi Yee Jae’s death in Cho Tae Sang’s body became a part plot twists because his death was caused by someone closest to him.

Reducing the tension of the previous stories, the sixth resurrection of Choi Yee Jae in the fourth episode gives the audience a little opportunity to laugh.

Deaths Game hadirkan kesan menegangkan disetiap kematian Seo In Guk dan akhir kisah cinta yang tragis (Instagram @tving.official)

Resurrected in the body of a baby, Choi Yee Jae will experience death again because he was killed by the baby’s parents.

For the final episode of the first part, Choi Yee Jae will rise in the body of a young model named Jang Geon U (Lee Do Hyun).

In Jang Geon U’s body, Choi Yee Jae will meet his lover Lee Ji Su (Go Yoon Jung) again.

Choi Yee Jae will later begin to feel and realize how deep the wounds he caused his parents and girlfriend because of his decision to commit suicide.

Their love story is described sweetly but also brings tears because it reveals the many regrets left behind by both of them.

Unfortunately, the love story of Choi Yee Jae and Lee Ji Su had to end tragically because both of them died as a result of being involved in a car accident.

Eventually, Death Games leaving quite a sense of curiosity in the audience.

The figure of Park Tae U, who is the first son of CEO Taekang, played by Kim Ji Hoon, will be a big question mark in this drama because of his involvement in every death of the characters.

In the second part, Choi Yee Jae will still experience 5 deaths in different bodies.

During that time, he had to look for the biggest sin he made by deciding to commit suicide.

The second part Death Games It is planned to be broadcast on January 5 with a total of 4 episodes.

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