Revealing that she had to ‘ask for a schedule’ from the company, Red Velvet’s Wendy Reaps Fans’ Sympathy!

Berikan pengakuan mengejutkan Wendy Red Velvet berhasil tuai simpati penggemar.  (Instagram @todayis_wendy)

– Red Velvet’s Wendy was recently seen receiving sympathy from netizens and also his fans after making a surprising confession.

Through a paid messaging platform, ie Bubbles , Wendy was seen discussing how she could get a schedule to fill various events at the end of this year.

Together with Red Velvet, Wendy is known to be under the auspices of the large agency SM Entertainment, which for a group management under such a large agency would probably be more structured and better.

However, Wendy’s statement some time ago seemed to break assumptions regarding the management of idol group schedules under the auspices of large agencies.

Through Bubbles , Wendy revealed that even she had to ask herself manager or more precisely to the company so that he gets various schedules for his activities.

“As we were getting closer to the end of the year, I told my manager or rather the company, that I wanted to have a lot of events in my schedule..” he said.

Wendy also showed her persistence and determination to get the schedule, “I have also asked before, but often to no avail. “But now it’s different, maybe because I insisted on asking, haha,” he said.

In the Kpop industry itself, if idols have busy schedules, it is often a benchmark for their success.

However, different from the existing statement, Wendy also revealed the reason why she wants a busy schedule.

“With each performance, I will get better. And as time goes by, I know that I will be able to see the improvements. It’s all about having a lot of experience”

Seeing how honest Wendy expresses it through Bubbles This actually succeeded in sparking debate among fans.

Berikan pengakuan mengejutkan Wendy Red Velvet berhasil tuai simpati penggemar.  (Instagram @todayis_wendy)

Reveluv (the name of a Red Velvet fan) admitted that he was disappointed with the way SM Entertainment manages schedules for its artists.

They think that an idol group as talented and successful as Red Velvet should be able to get good management.

Red Velvet should be able to get good promotions in every way comeback -his.

Apart from that, as the Kpop world is currently developing, large companies or agencies should be aware of how to manage their artists well.

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