Released Stadium Version, BABYMONSTER Now Dubbed Queen of YouTube with These Achievement Results: Fandom Getting Stronger?

BABYMONSTER dapat gelar Ratu YouTube dengan deretan prestasinya (Kolase TL YouTube BABYMONSTER)

Girl Groups under YG Entertainment, BABYMONSTER is now nicknamed the Queen of YouTube.

This was achieved with their debut “BATTER UP” which has now reached 100 million views on YouTube.

BABYMONSTER’s debut with the title “BATTER UP” reached 100 million at 3:23 yesterday morning (15/12).

This achievement was achieved in a short period of time, namely only 18 days after they released their debut on (27/11) as reported by Naver.

This achievement of 100 million views was recorded for BABYMONSTER as the group with the fastest song among other Kpop debut songs.

BABYMONSTER’s “BATTER UP” MV succeeded in attracting fans and audiences with the emergence of YG’s new talent.

This feat is almost unusual since their release broke the record for most views in just 24 hours.

This short time measure for calling Kpop reached 22.59 million views on one day of release.

Views reached 50 million views in just 103 hours and topped the YouTube Global daily MV charts for five consecutive days.

The title of Queen of YouTube is now deservedly given to BABYMONSTER thanks to results that dominate the weekly charts and steal attention.

BABYMONSTER’s fandom is now strong with YG’s surprising color and music production.

“BATTER UP” itself contains a message to be confident as a person game changer that changed the Global music market.

BABYMONSTER dapat gelar Ratu YouTube dengan deretan prestasinya (Kolase TL YouTube BABYMONSTER)

The presence of the YG group this time succeeded in playing a new role and changing the game on YouTube.

BABYMONSTER also receives a warm response every time they create new content such as dancing with his school appearance.

The shared practice room setting actually displays their passion for Kpop music and channels their hot energy.

The latest content further strengthens fans’ expectations with the release of live content with a dance theme in a stadium setting today (16/12).

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