On hiatus, Ji Suk Jin opens his voice regarding rumors that Jeon So Min will follow him and leave Running Man: After…

Benarkah Ji Suk Jin akan ikut Jeon Somin tinggalkan Running Man? (Kolase Star Today, SBS Running Man)

– Ji Suk Jin has just announced his hiatus from Running Man On Monday (18/12) due to health problems, rumors that Jeon So Min would follow suit emerged.

Unlike Ji Suk Jin who is the oldest member, Jeon Somin is a member Running Man the youngest who has just decided to leave in October 2023.

Announce a hiatus, will Ji Suk Jin follow Jeon Somin and leave Running Man ?

Regarding this matter, Ji Suk Jin opened his voice in an interview with SPOTV News.

Before speaking up about the rumors that Jeon Somin will leave Running Man , Ji Suk Jin was faced with questions about the awards ceremony.

After announcing his hiatus, apparently Ji Suk Jin Running Man causing concern among fans and questions about whether the senior comedian will attend the awards ceremony.

The reason, as reported by SPOTV News, Ji Suk Jin Running Man become a strong candidate to win the award SBS Entertainment Awards 2023 .

In 2021, Ji Suk Jin Running Man himself has won the main award (Daesang) in SBS Entertainment Awards.

Regarding whether Ji Suk Jin is present or not Running Man to the awards show, there is no definite answer yet.

Apart from that, concerns also arise among fans because of Ji Suk Jin Running Man recently got into conflict with his agency.

It is also alleged that Ji Suk Jin’s YouTube channel cannot be 100% acquired by the members Running Man because there are obstacles from the agency side.

Regarding this, Ji Suk Jin said via his personal YouTube channel that he could not provide details.

Benarkah Ji Suk Jin akan ikut Jeon Somin tinggalkan Running Man? (Kolase Star Today, SBS Running Man)

“I can’t tell you every detail, but the time will definitely come when I talk to you about it,” said Ji Suk Jin.

It is known that the dispute between Ji Suk Jin and the agency was motivated by fraud regarding salaries, even of the members Running Man The oldest is said to have paid his staff with money from his own pocket.

Then, Ji Suk Jin admitted that he knew about the rumors that he would follow Jeon So Mi to leave Running Man due to announce a hiatus.

Ji Suk Jin, through his new agency, ESteem Entertainment, confirmed the news that he would be leaving Running Man that is not true.

ESteem Entertainment said that Ji Suk Jin just needed a short break and would resume his activities again on Running Man .

After resting and receiving sufficient treatment, Ji Suk Jin is expected to be able to return to playing with the members Running Man in good condition.

“He (Ji Suk Jin) plans to return to activities after a short break, he also saw the article that mentioned the resignation, but that is not true.

“This is only a temporary suspension of activities,” said Ji Suk Jin, represented by ESteem Entertainment to SPOTV News.

“After getting enough rest and treatment, he will return to good health,” continued ESteem Entertainment.

Ji Suk Jin only announced his hiatus, news that he would be leaving Running Man after Jeon Somin is not true.

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