Netizens Angry! This Stalker Kills Ex-Girlfriend in Front of Small Children: Don’t Just Death Penalty

Penguntit tega membunuh mantan pacar di depan anaknya (Kolase Naver)

Netizens angry when he found out about the actions of a stalker who had the heart to kill his ex-girlfriend in front of his child.

Netizens voiced a reply that was more than a death sentence for the vile stalker.

The stalker, who is now a suspect, is being prosecuted for the death penalty by the prosecutor who is prosecuting the revenge case.

This stalker figure in his 30s is known to have visited his ex-girlfriend according to reports from Naver.

He had the heart to commit a brutal murder in front of his 6 year old daughter.

The perpetrator who was sentenced to death in court did not stop mentioning the name of the victim’s daughter in his final statement, this action sparked strong opposition from the family.

On (15/12) the prosecutor requested the death penalty for Mr. A (male, 30 years old) who was charged with revenge murder under the Act on Serious Punishments for Certain Crimes and violation of the Stalking Crime Punishment Act.

The request was made during the decision hearing of the 15th Criminal Division of the Incheon District Court (Chief Judge Ryu Ho Jung).

During the trial, the Prosecutor determined this, “In the process of stalking, the defendant repeatedly violated the court’s interim measures, went to the victim’s house during rush hour, and brutally and premeditatedly killed the defenseless victim.”

“The defendant even injured the victim’s mother who tried to stop him from committing the crime, and caused the victim’s young children and family members to suffer incurable mental illness while witnessing the crime scene.”

“If we assess similar cases and the standard of punishment comprehensively, we have no choice but to seek the death penalty, which is the maximum penalty under the law.”

When asked for the death penalty, Mr A emphasized his responsibility and gave the following final statement.

Penguntit tega membunuh mantan pacar di depan anaknya (Kolase Naver)

“(Domestic) executions are not carried out, but I heard it could be done.”

“The judge must impose the death penalty and apologize for the enormous grief for the family who was left with at least his life.” “Please give it to me and make me pay for my sins,”

Mr. A continued to mention the name of the victim’s daughter in his statement, this caused the victim’s family to protest strongly.

“How can you even mention (his child’s) name?”

In the final argument, Mr. A’s lawyer said that the perpetrator had admitted his mistake and realized the pain of the family left behind.

He also explained that the crime was not an act of revenge but was a subjective feeling of victimization.

If the charges do not amount to revenge murder, then the minimum sentence is 5 years in prison, if appropriate then 10 years in prison.

The perpetrator was arrested on suspicion of murdering his ex-girlfriend, 37-year-old Miss B.

He stabbed the victim in the chest, back with a hallway gun at an apartment in Namdong-gu, Incheon at around 5:53 am on July 17.

The murder was committed when Mr. A heard Miss B’s screams, he came out and swung his weapon several times at the victim.

Previously, Mr. A had committed assault and stalking and received a court order not to approach the victim within 100 meters and not to communicate.

Miss B’s 6 year old daughter was present at the murder scene. She now has to suffer very severe mental trauma and is receiving psychological treatment.

Miss B’s younger brother told the court, “Our niece (the victim’s daughter) witnessed her mother being stabbed with a weapon right in front of her eyes,”

Penguntit tega membunuh mantan pacar di depan anaknya (Kolase Naver)

“The 6-year-old child, who couldn’t even say his last goodbye to his mother, will live with that cruel day for the rest of his life. I have to remember and live with the trauma and wounds,”

This cruel incident sparked anger among netizens who saw this mattress on the news, they responded by saying the following:

“Please don’t just impose the death penalty, but carry it out to save taxes.”

“Are there many criminals similar to this crime?”

“Such heinous laws should be punished with the maximum penalty under the law. There is no need for a statement of regret, deposit, or anything else. This is a cruel law, and people who drink and drive should not be condoned.”

“The victim is dead, so why write a statement of regret to the judge and why should the judge reflect that statement of regret in the sentence?”

“Can’t murder be considered the same act without judgment?”

“The picture of the perpetrator should be posted, not the picture of the victim… This country protects criminals very well.”

“Is the statutory minimum sentence for murder 5 years or more in prison? The law is the problem and the judge is the problem. But, why concrete burial after murder during the last 3 years in prison? The lower limit is 5 years. “Is the decision based solely on the judge’s gavel?”

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