Lee Sun Bin Gives Good News About Her Relationship with Lee Kwang Soo Revealed by Journalists!

Menarik perhatian hubungan Lee Sun Bin dan Lee Kwang Soo dibongkar jurnalis (Instagram @masijacoke850714, @sunbin_eyesmag)

Lee Sun Bin recently attracted attention for revealing her relationship with Lee Kwang Soo.

Actress Lee Sun Bin shows her affection for her boyfriend, Lee Kwang Soo.

Lee Sun Bin also said about her current situation with Lee Kwang Soo, “There has been no change.”

He gave a signal that his relationship with Lee Kwang Soo still remains the same.

Lee Sun Bin recently released a new drama with Im Si Wan and Kang Hye Won, former IZONE Boyhood.

On Tuesday (19/12), Lee Sun Bin conducted an interview and shared stories related to her work.

Lee Sun Bin also revealed that she is undergoing four works in the same year.

“I’m working on four works this year alone, after the interview, I have to go to Jeonju again.”

Lee Sun Bin also shared her busy daily life as well as plans for the future.

At that time he was asked, “Are you planning to announce a surprise wedding next year.”

Lee Sun Bin said and explained with a smile regarding questions from Korean journalists.

Menarik perhatian hubungan Lee Sun Bin dan Lee Kwang Soo dibongkar jurnalis (Instagram @masijacoke850714, @sunbin_eyesmag)

He burst out laughing and said, “Oh my gosh.”

Lee Sun Bin also smiled and said, “For now, my hard work and love will remain the same. If there is any good news, I will tell you later.”

Regarding her boyfriend Lee Kwang Soo’s review of Boyhood, Lee Sun Bin explained his opinion.

“First of all he said he really enjoyed it. Since I had to go to the province to film, he said he needed a friend to watch it with me when all the episodes were out.

After watching several episodes, he looked forward to watching them all at once, he said the drama was interesting.”

The actress added, “Every time the drama achieved an achievement, he would congratulate me.”

She added, “Many people said that Ho Seok’s character in the drama is similar to my boyfriend,” which drew laughter.

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