Kim Yoo Jung is now on the verge of crisis after Song Kang was attacked, Dohee even wants to fight: let’s win the war

Krisis di My Demon mengubah Kim Yoo Jung dalam sejekap (Kolase SBS)

– A question arises in viewers’ minds, what will Kim Yoo Jung do when she gets into a crisis situation with Song Kang.

Drama My Demon this time it reveals the bad situation that Kim Yoo Jung and Song Kang have to face.

Kim Yoo Jung, who plays Do Do Hee, actually emits sad and downcast visuals when Guwon (Song Kang) is in a coma.

Reporting from Naver, Dohee’s despair this time actually increased tension for viewers towards the middle of this drama.

When he heard the news of the accident, Dohee hurriedly ran and visited the hospital.

Dohee swiftly stretched out her wrist and grabbed Guwon’s hand quickly.

When he says something that is too late, it makes viewers curious about what Dohee is thinking.

Joo Seok Hoon (Lee Sang I) gave an expression that the cold and scary Jin Ga Yeong (Jo Hye Joo) failed to understand.

The conference held for the Mirae Group was an unusual atmosphere compared to before.

All of Mirae’s family members looked confused when they had to look at Dohee.

Now Dohee has actually made an announcement regarding the withdrawal of his candidacy to become the next commissioner.

Dohee also made a prediction regarding the fierce battle that will emerge soon.

Krisis di My Demon mengubah Kim Yoo Jung dalam sejekap (Kolase SBS)

While thinking about Noh Seok Min, Dohee conveyed, “Let’s go, to win the war.”

This sudden change in attitude and decisions actually makes Dohee look very different in this critical situation.

Dohee, who changed overnight, seems to show that the Mirae family war is about to reach its peak.

The My Demon Production Team said, “There is emotional turmoil between Do Do Hee and Gu Won in the midst of a fierce crisis.”

“Please pay attention to what choice Do Do Hee will make between his heart for safety and the truth of Joo Cheon Sook’s death.”

Watch the complete latest episode My Demon tonight (12/16) at 10 pm KST.

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