KARA’s Heo Young Ji Recalls Old Sentiments for One of the Members of the Girl Group Oh My Girl!

Heo Young Ji dan Gyuri KARA mengenang masa sentimen dari Hyojung Oh My Girl (Instagram @young_g_hur, @candyz_hyojung)

It attracted attention where KARA’s Heo Young Ji expressed her thoughts that she seemed jealous of one of the Oh My Girl members.

Oh My Girl and KARA itself are girl groups who are of different generations but one of the members is the same age as Heo Young Ji.

Heo Young Ji herself joined Han Seung Yeon, Hara, and Gyuri as a new KARA member, her entry as a new member was almost close to Oh My Girl’s debut.

KARA’s Heo Young Ji and Gyuri themselves were present at the interview event with Pungja, a YouTuber content creator who has received a lot of attention in Korea because of his content.

Recently KARA’s Heo Young Ji mentioned a female idol who used to make her very ugly.

KARA’s Heo Young Ji herself is known to have a cheerful personality, she also has cute visuals.

It can even be seen through various interactions with his junior group starting from AESPA members, where he looks very nurturing and supportive welcome as a senior.

KARA’s Heo Young Ji told how she could feel jealousy towards one of the Oh My Girl members.

When Gyuri and Heo Young Ji were interviewed by Pungja, the creator asked if KARA had ever had a rivalry with girl groups other or not?

Heo Young Ji revealed that there are things she cannot forget when remembering events in the past.

Because there was an adjustment period when Heo Young Ji joined KARA, she couldn’t fully shine and show her cute side.

Heo Young Ji dan Gyuri KARA mengenang masa sentimen dari Hyojung Oh My Girl (Instagram @young_g_hur, @candyz_hyojung)

However, this did not happen to Oh My Girl, who also debuted at almost the same time as Heo Young Ji.

KARA immediately fell in love with the group rookie That’s because it’s especially adorable leader they.

Years later, Gyuri still can’t help but be amazed at how adorable the Oh My Girl members are.

Heo Young Ji admitted, “To be honest, I was a little jealous, but I couldn’t say it at the time.”

Heo Young Ji and Hyojung themselves are the same age and make him jealous.

He was jealous of how Hyojung showed off her cuteness by doing aegyo, he also felt he had lost to the Oh My Girl member.

When Pungja asked Heo Young Ji whether he thought she was cuter than Hyojung or not?

Hyojung Oh My Girl

Hyojung Oh My Girl (Instagram @young_g_hur)

Heo Young Ji immediately denied it, instead calling Hyojung the cutest among Oh My Girls.

As Heo Young Ji said, the current Hyojung is even cuter than before.

In fact, compared to eight years ago, Hyojung is still cute in his opinion. But, still Heo Young Ji is also cute in her own way

Hyojung Oh My Girl

Hyojung Oh My Girl (Instagram @young_g_hur)

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