Jungkook BTS’s pet dog looks like he’s enjoying his holiday after his master leaves for military service

Bam Anjing peliharaan Jungkook BTS terlihat sedang liburan  (Kolase IG @jungnam_bae dan Weverse BTS)

– Jungkook BTS is currently undergoing his first week of training after completing military service.

The existence of his pet dog is currently in the spotlight of fans because it is very adorable.

Jungkook BTS is known to have a pet dog named Bam and they are equally popular.

As reported by KBI Zoom, Jungkook’s pet dog is currently enjoying the holiday season.

This time Bam had to be separated from his employer because he was following his military service call.

When attending the military call, fans were worried that Bam would not meet Jungkook.

These concerns have now been answered with the emergence of news about the latest condition of his care.

Fans don’t need to worry now, because Bam looks fine and is spending his off season.

This has been seen in the account of actor Bae Jung Nam who shared the latest news from Bam.

He posted a recent photo featuring Bam with his furry dog ​​friends.

The dog is taking a photo in front of the Christmas tree wearing furry clothes.

This adorable pose will definitely melt the owner’s heart, namely Jungkook BTS, who is far away.

Bam Anjing peliharaan Jungkook BTS terlihat sedang liburan  (Kolase IG @jungnam_bae dan Weverse BTS)

The dogs are now at the famous Holicare Park dog center for celebrity pets in Seoul.

This happy news was warmly welcomed by fans when they learned that Bam was fine.

See you again with Jungkook for a fun reunion in the next 2 years!

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