Jimin BTS Surprises Fans with New Song Even Though He’s in the Military, Here’s KNetz’s Comment!

Jimin BTS akan rilis lagu baru besok meskipun tengah jalankan wajib militer  (Kolase foto Instagram @j.m, Weverse BTS )

– Jimin BTS just left for military service on December 12.

Not alone, Jimin BTS went with Jungkook to carry out military service in the same division.

It is also known that Jimin and Jungkook are still in the same division as Jin BTS, who started working last year.

Not even 2 weeks into military service, Jimin BTS has apparently prepared a surprise gift for his fans.

The surprise gift that Jimin BTS presented to his fans was in the form of a song.

Reporting from Weverse BTS, Jimin will release a digital single entitled “Closer Than This”.

“Closer Than This” is a song that will summarize BTS Jimin’s sincere feelings for ARMY.

With the release of the song “Closer Than This” at the end of 2023, it is hoped that the lyrics convey Jimin’s love and affection for his fans will give his fans hope and warmth.

Before this announcement was published, Jimin BTS had uploaded 2 YouTube videos that appeared to be related to “Closer Than This”.

KNetz, who received this news, was busy talking about Jimin BTS’s latest song.

Even on the Theqoo site, the topic about Jimin BTS’s “Closer Than This” managed to enter the ranks hot topics less than an hour.

Jimin BTS akan rilis lagu baru besok meskipun tengah jalankan wajib militer  (Kolase foto Instagram @j.m, Weverse BTS )

In less than an hour, 180 Theqoo users commented on this topic.

Following are some of the comments quoted from the Theqoo page.

“Good grief??? So suddenly??”

“Cool, but is this really tomorrow????????”

“Huhuhuhuhu It’s like a gift, I’ll stream it huhu”

“I was thinking oh oh the 22nd, that’s tomorrow right huhuhuhu Jimin huhuhu”

“Huhuhuhu, Friday come quickly, I will listen to it 24 hours a day huhuhu”

“Hmm huhuhu. The cover is so cute huhu. Come on, hurry up, Jimin huhu”

“I think this is the song featured in the dance video (which was uploaded on YouTube). I think the song is good, so I want to listen to the whole song, but I’m glad it came out quickly haha.”

“Are you giving me a Christmas present? It will be released tomorrow. Thank you, Jimin.”

Meanwhile, this song will be available on various music platforms tomorrow (22/12) at 14.00 KST.

Then what do you think?

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