Jang Wonyoung IVE is said to have potential in the world of acting, this is how netizens respond!

Begini tanggapan netizen setwlah sebut Jang Wonyoung IVE miliki potensi di dunia akting.  (Instagram @for_everyoung10)

– Jang Wonyoung is once again a topic of conversation in circles netizens after saying that the IVE member had potential in the world of acting.

As an idol, Jang Wonyoung IVE always has his own charm to captivate the hearts of people netizens and also his fans.

It is not wrong that even now he is said to have great potential if Jang Wonyoung enters the world of acting in the future.

Right on Monday (17/12), through an online community forum netizens also expressed his thoughts for Jang Wonyoung if he later enters the world of acting.

Netizens The writer wrote that maybe Jang Wonyoung would have his own challenge to convince the audience later.

This is based on the image he has as a very strong idol.

Of course, the upload was immediately flooded with comments netizens others about their thoughts if Jang Wonyoung would really enter the world of acting.

There are even some of them who also agree that Jang Wonyoung has a strong aura as an idol.

However, even so there are many netizens who supports and believes that if Jang Wonyoung really enters the world of acting, maybe he will really get good results.

Jang Wonyoung himself is known to be an idol singer who has made his debut twice as a member of girl groups IZONE and IVE.

Together with IZONE, Jang Wonyoung made his debut in 2018, and after his contract with the group formed by the Mnet survival program ended, he then made his re-debut with IVE under the auspices of his agency.

Begini tanggapan netizen setwlah sebut Jang Wonyoung IVE miliki potensi di dunia akting.  (Instagram @for_everyoung10)


Since her appearance in the music world, Jang Wonyoung has indeed succeeded in capturing the hearts of people netizens through his image as an idol who is considered very strong.

It was proven that in the survival event held by Mnet he even managed to reach first place and become center from that group.

Here are some comments netizens related to uploads on community forums on line the:

“You know, people definitely think that Wonyoung can’t do it, but I’m sure she can do it well if she really gets into acting.”

“Wonyoung’s image as an idol is really strong”

“Besides, Wonyoung is also successful without acting.”

“It doesn’t look like Wonyoung will go into the world of acting, but yes, if it really happens, she will definitely still be successful.”

“I’m sure you’ll be successful if you become an actress”

What do you think?

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