ITZY Doesn’t Use ‘Ending Crown’ in Its Latest MV, Netizens Suspect This is the Reason: Because…

ITZY tidak lagi menggunakan  (Twitter @ITZYofficial)

Girl groups ITZY has just shared the MV of the song B-sides they are entitled “BORN TO BE”.

The song is part of their upcoming second full album which will be released early next year, 2024.

The song “BORN TO BE” tells the story of ITZY, who were born free, wild and fierce, meaning they can do whatever they want!

They also show that ITZY is a group that never cares about what people say about them, because they will remain themselves.

In the MV “BORN TO BE”, ITZY also shows off their dancing prowess, especially their synchronization.


MV (YouTube screenshot collage @JYP Entertainment)

The sharp and dense movements make the music video feel even more fiery, members ITZY also continues to present dancing that’s neat there.

Yeji, Ryujin, Chaeryeong, and Yuna appeared extraordinary in the MV, they managed to cover the absence of one member, Lia.

As is known, ITZY’s Lia will be on hiatus and will not participate in her group’s schedule for a while, including in comeback coming for them.

As a result, Lia didn’t appear in the MV “BORN TO BE”, in fact she didn’t even get one line or a singing part in the song.

Even though she is on hiatus, Lia will still have one single work which will be included in her group’s second full album, BORN TO BE !


MV (YouTube screenshot collage @JYP Entertainment)
ITZY tidak lagi menggunakan  (Twitter @ITZYofficial)

Namely a solo tracks , Lia will still release tracks It will be in audio form only, while other ITZY members will release an MV (music video) version.

Then Lia’s absence from the song B-sides “BORN TO BE” made fans feel a little frustrated.

The reason is that this is the first time ITZY has performed a new song with only four members.

And it was the first time Lia didn’t take part in it comeback This group has been waiting for so long.

While watching the “BORN TO BE” MV, fans and netizens realized there was something different and unusual in the song.

Especially towards the end of the video, where Yeji, Ryuji, Chaeryeong, and Yuna don’t use the crown pose ( ending crown ) as the closing.

ITZY tak lagi menggunakan ending crown?

ITZY no longer uses crown endings? (YouTube Screenshot @JYP Entertainment)

This is very strange, because ITZY has never been separated from its name ending crown in each of their previous songs.

But this time ITZY didn’t use it again, what’s the reason they didn’t?

Netizens discussed and suspected there were two possibilities why ITZY didn’t use it ending crown in this MV “BORN TO BE”.

Firstly, because Lia did not participate in the song, the remaining members did not want to make an incomplete crown as the ending of the song.

Second, because at the end of the MV “BORN TO BE”, 4 ITZY members sat on a throne (a royal chair made by the dancers ) so they don’t need a crown anymore.

ITZY tak lagi menggunakan ending crown?

ITZY no longer uses crown endings? (YouTube Screenshot @JYP Entertainment)
ITZY tidak lagi menggunakan  (Twitter @ITZYofficial)

Of these two reasons, which one do you think is most appropriate?

Netizens then comment.

“Maybe because they don’t want Lia to lose her position,”

“It seems strange, but it’s not too obvious to those who aren’t careful,”

“Because ITZY uses the royal chair (throne) inside ending pose, so that it can replace their previous crown.”

“To be honest ending crown is ITZY’s icon, so fans always look forward to it in every MV”,

“The throne and the crown are the same, they symbolize royalty and splendor”,

“I would prefer if they continued to vary the poses ending so it’s not too monotonous.”

“After all, this must have something to do with Lia, they might want to do it ending crown only with complete members”,

“To be honest, this song is very good and energetic, it’s just that they didn’t perform well full member !”,

“But just a throne is enough, it looks very elegant,”

“We will be looking forward ending crown next”, and many other comments.

What do you think?


ITZY (Twitter @ITZYofficial)

ITZY (Twitter @ITZYofficial)
ITZY tidak lagi menggunakan  (Twitter @ITZYofficial)

Meanwhile, ITZY will officially comeback on January 8 2024, with the release of their second full album entitled BORN TO BE !

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