Im Si Wan Responds to His Golden Opportunity to Play in Squid Game 2: Surprising to See..

Im Si Wan bagikan pendapatnya saat bergabung dengan Squid Game 2 (Kolase Coupang Play)

– Actor Im Si Wan this time shares his thoughts regarding the project Squid Game 2.

He felt that joining this project was an extraordinary opportunity for him.

Appearing in Netflix’s upcoming series Squid Game 2 , Im Si Wan this time shared his performance challenges on this golden opportunity.

Today (19/12) Im Si Wan conducted an interview at a cafe in the area of Samcheong-dong, Jongno-gu, Seoul.

As reported by Nate, the interview conducted this afternoon contained a conversation with actor Im Si Wan regarding his role.

The actor stated that what he felt was that something unbelievable was happening to him.

Squid Game tells the story of a secret contest in which 456 players played.

By risking their lives, all players will be in the situation that hurts them the most.

The opportunity to win a prize of 45.6 billion won must be played through a child’s game that kills the contestants.

Gaining worldwide attention and popularity, this series set a record for being the most watched show.

This time actor Im Si Wan joined for season two of Netflix Squid Game this and convey the following.

“I watched the show Squid Game at the same time because it is very interesting. This is a work with genres my favorite.

Im Si Wan bagikan pendapatnya saat bergabung dengan Squid Game 2 (Kolase Coupang Play)

It was so much fun watching the show that I called senior Lee Byung Hun.

“Sis, are you one Front Man ? This is so amazing.” I was so immersed in the series that having the opportunity to join Season 2 still feels amazing to me.”

This actor also said that this experience was difficult for him to believe because it was genres the most liked.

“It was a surprising experience to see such a golden opportunity come so quickly.”

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