Fujita Sayuri apologizes after telling that she was sexually harassed by a senior singer, Korean netizens are furious: Why are they even…

Fujita Sayuri meminta maaf usai ceritakan pernah dilecehkan seksual oleh penyanyi senior (Instagram @sayuriakon13)

Fujita Sayuri, who is a Korean entertainer with Japanese nationality, has revealed a story about when she was harassed by a senior singer.

In her latest YouTube video, Fujita Sayuri or usually called Sayuri tells that 10 years ago she was sexually harassed by a senior singer.

According to Fujita Sayuri, at that time the senior singer said several bad comments such as “Sayuri’s skin is bad, she has a lot of acne,” “Korean people think Japanese people are not honest,” and “I have never met an honest Japanese person.”

At its peak, the singer asked inappropriate things to Sayuri by saying, “answer me honestly, how many people have you had sex with?”

Instead of getting angry, Sayuri who heard the question admitted that her fear was greater because she was still young.

“Instead of being angry I felt more afraid at that time. I’m Japanese and still young. “I was still angry when I saw that person singing on TV,” said Sayuri.

Sayuri also added, “it’s really sad and angry to hear someone say that especially to a woman who is the same age as her child. It was very difficult”

Sayuri then revealed that she has many regrets, especially because the senior singer is still actively appearing on TV.

But unfortunately, because Sayuri’s statements are numerous netizens Korea then tried to find out and guess who the Korean singer was.

Due to the many speculations that emerged, Sayuri ultimately decided to delete parts of the video and upload an apology.

Through her YouTube channel, Sayuri sincerely apologized for causing confusion and giving rise to misleading comments that dragged many singers’ names.

“In the future I will be more careful in my words and actions, once again I bow and apologize,” wrote Sayuri.

Fujita Sayuri meminta maaf usai ceritakan pernah dilecehkan seksual oleh penyanyi senior (Instagram @sayuriakon13)

Seeing Sayuri’s apology then drew anger from netizens Korea.

The reason is that they wonder why a victim of harassment apologizes instead of the perpetrator who should apologize.

“What did Sayuri do wrong that she ended up having to apologize?”

“Why should Sayuri apologize? The one who was harmed was Sayuri as the victim. Didn’t you hear it and then go on a rampage looking for the culprit?”

“This is a sad world where victims always have to blame themselves and end up apologizing”

“Why is Sayuri the one apologizing? The perpetrator should be the one who should be aware and apologize.”

“It’s better to just reveal who the perpetrator is so people don’t misunderstand”

“Why is the victim apologizing instead, this country is crazy,” and various other comments.

Meanwhile, Sayuri herself is famous for being the only single mother who appears on The Return of Superman along with one child named Zen.

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