Former TREASURE Bang Yedam’s gaze was reprimanded by staff when meeting fans wearing hijabs was in the spotlight, netizens: In their hearts…

Penampilan dan tatapan Bang Yedam menarik perhatian ketika ditegur staf ketika melayani penggemar berhijab (Twitter @bydchs_)

Recently, Bang Yedam, former TREASURE, was officially appointed as a public relations ambassador for the Red Cross Youth or RCY Korea.

Not only that, Bang Yedam, former TREASURE, recently became a hot topic of conversation because of his attitude when he was reprimanded by a hijab-wearing staff member at a fan meeting- his.

On Saturday (16/12), Bang Yedam, former TREASURE, attended the 12th Jean-Henri Dunant Service Award ceremony held at the Seoul branch of the Red Cross.

Bang Yedam, former TREASURE, then received an appointment plaque from Kwon Young Kyu, Chairman of the Seoul branch of the Korean Red Cross.

Through this performance, Bang Yedam plans to publicize and promote the humanitarian activities of RCY Youth Red Cross members.

Bang Yedam said, “I am very happy and honored to have been appointed as RCY’s public relations ambassador.

I heard that RCY is an international youth organization that leads sharing and volunteering activities in 192 countries around the world.

I hope to practice sharing and volunteering with RCY members in the future. I will lead the thanks.”

Kwon Young Kyu as chairman of the Seoul branch of the Red Cross said, “We are pleased to appoint Bang Yedam as ambassador representing the 8000 members of the RCY Youth Red Cross in Seoul.

We hope to spread good influence together, so that our young generation can grow up with human values. I hope so.”

Bang Yedam himself released his first mini album “Only One”   last November and took his first steps as a solo musician.

Penampilan dan tatapan Bang Yedam menarik perhatian ketika ditegur staf ketika melayani penggemar berhijab (Twitter @bydchs_)

Immediately after its release, the album topped the iTunes album charts in two regions and entered the top ranking in 12 regions.

It showed great performance, it ranked high in 11 regions on Apple Music’s album chart.

Additionally, the title song “Just Do One” topped the iTunes Song Chart in 2 regions.

The song entered the top charts in six regions and Melon’s HOT 100.

In fact, it topped the coloring and rendering charts MBC Show Champion, because of this he managed to gain great popularity both at home and abroad.

Bang Yedam, former TREASURE, also managed to occupy first place in Music Core video charts.

Meanwhile, Bang Yedam continued his solo debut activities through various radio broadcasts, as well as online and offline content.

Bang Yedam, former TREASUERE, recently did this fan meeting offline.

There was something that attracted attention when Bang Yedam, former TREASURE, did it fan service towards one of the fans wearing the hijab.

When time was up, Bang Yedam tried to give the fan a sweet smile.

Although it was not implied that Bang Yedam expressed the hope that he would meet these fans again.

During fan meeting Bang Yedam gave a sweet smile while waving at him.

Penampilan dan tatapan Bang Yedam menarik perhatian ketika ditegur staf ketika melayani penggemar berhijab (Twitter @bydchs_)

Bang Yedam also gave a flat face when the staff told him that his time was up and he would leave soon but smiled at his fans.

Until the comments came:

Ekspresi Bang Yedam

Bang Yedam’s expression (Twitter @bydchs_)

“In his heart, ‘I’ll see you later, eh’.”

“Sis!! I really want to be you.”

“I’ve got to be lucky.”

“COMELNYAA,” and other comments.

Interaksi Bang Yedam

Bang Yedam Interaction (Twitter @bydchs_)
Ekspresi Bang Yedam

Bang Yedam’s expression (Twitter @bydchs_)

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