Ending Japan Dome Tour, Seventeen Again Proves Popularity by Bringing Over 500 Thousand Spectators During Concert

Akhiri tur Dome di Jepang, Seventeen berhasil gaet penonton lebih dari 500 ribu orang. (Twitter @pledis_17jp)

Seventeen is a popular idol group throughout the world.

Recently, Seventeen held a Dome tour in five cities in Japan.

During this tour, Seventeen succeeded in showing its popularity by attracting more than 500 thousand viewers.

Seventeen have officially ended their Japan Dome tour on Sunday, December 17th.

Seventeen’s two-day concert in Fukuoka attracted 80,000 people.

At their last concert, Seventeen expressed their sadness and also their gratitude towards fans.

“I’m sad that the five major dome tours in Japan have ended, but I’m proud of the moments we’ve worked so hard to achieve,” said Seventeen.

They continued, “We are very grateful to Carat who has come to all the dome tour locations up to Fukuoka. Thank you for allowing SEVENTEEN to continue to dream bigger. “

Seventeen also promised to meet fans again next year.

The first day’s performances in Fukuoka were broadcast live to more than 1,500 cinema screens in 66 countries around the world, while the second day’s performances were broadcast online.

Apart from that, there is a park with the theme “Let’s Follow Seventeen” which is also the name of Seventeen’s Dome tour series in Japan.

With more than 30 participating partner companies and more than 70 programs taking place, all of Japan is bathed in Seventeen colors.

Akhiri tur Dome di Jepang, Seventeen berhasil gaet penonton lebih dari 500 ribu orang. (Twitter @pledis_17jp)

With this performance, they ended their biggest Japanese dome tour since their debut.

With this, Seventeen has held 12 shows in five cities such as Tokyo, Saitama, Nagoya, Osaka and Fukuoka with a total audience of 515,000 people.

They will continue their tour in several countries such as Thailand, the Philippines and Macau.

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