BTS’s Debut Song ‘No More Dream’ Ranks First on iTunes and Breaks This Record, Netizens: Who Gave Up…

Lagu debut BTS yang dirilis 10 tahun lalu menduduki puncak tangga lagu iTunes (X @chartsdata)

– BTS’s debut song a decade after its release managed to top the US iTunes charts for the first time.

BTS’s 2013 debut song, “No More Dream” has reached a tremendous milestone by topping the US iTunes charts.

This historic achievement marks “No More Dream” as the only K-pop debut song to reach number one on the US iTunes chart.

Impressively, this is BTS’ third song to reach number one on charts US iTunes this week only.

This is BTS’ third song following the success of “Spring Day” and “Outro: Tear” in one week.

Even though all seven members of BTS are currently serving in the military, their dedicated fandom, which happens to be ARMY, continues to actively support their music.

The fandom’s unwavering enthusiasm is evident in the song’s newfound popularity.

What’s more, “No More Dream” not only made a splash in the US, the song also climbed to the top of the iTunes charts in more than 50 countries around the world today.

All the songs from BTS’s debut album “2 Cool 4 Skool,” also experienced a resurgence, now entering the Top 10 of the US Movers and Shakers Digital Songs chart.

This global revival highlights the enduring appeal and influence of BTS’ music, transcending borders and time.

Fans and various accounts on social media also joked, saying that the “new group” would be successful.

Lagu debut BTS yang dirilis 10 tahun lalu menduduki puncak tangga lagu iTunes (X @chartsdata)

BTS’s extraordinary achievements also do not escape the spotlight netizens .

Below are comments netizens regarding BTS’s historic record.

“Those who put their idols on hiatus, but their fans are increasingly reckless in making achievements”

“Bangtan military service ARMY reminisces about the days when BTS debuted until it broke a new record, perfect”

“BTS has to see this, well at least Suga, let’s share his achievements in the Bangtan chat group, let’s go”

“The set of old BTS songs is all up here mah”


“This is the group that debuted today? It’s crazy how cool this Kpop group is”

“Horrified, goosebumps”

“No More Dream ‘awakens’ from its long sleep of 10 years”

“I really hope BTS can see this”

“First time liking BTS because of this song”

“Oh my gosh, I’m really moved to see that”

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