BTS Cancels Exemption from Military Service, KNetz Discusses Which Boy Groups Can Be Excluded: Even Athletes…

BTS tetap wamil, siapa boy group yang akan dapat pengecualian wamil? (Kolase Twitter @Zhongxxxxlele @pledis_17 @Stray_Kids @BTS_twt)

– In December 2023, all BTS members are confirmed to have served in the military.

Jimin and Jungkook are the last members of BTS to leave for the military, the old topic of exemption from military service has resurfaced.

Where BTS was once proposed to be free from military service by the Minister of Culture of South Korea, considering their popularity boy groups which has been recognized globally.

He also often assesses that BTS has a wide fan base throughout the world and has made a lot of contributions to the country.

However, in the end all BTS members continued to serve in the military.

Now there are lots of people on the KNetz pann site, discussing questions boy groups which can be exempted from military service considering that BTS does not get an exemption.

This topic started when an OP expressed his opinion on the pann site by saying that he actually just wanted to know about boy groups who can be released from military service.

The OP said that BTS became boy groups The first thing that was proposed was being free from military service, and BTS should be the standard.

But in the end all BTS members have served in the military and exemptions can only be discussed if their scores, records or awards surpass BTS.

Then the OP asked if there would be any boy groups who can escape the mandatory military service?

Boy groups The next ones who will enlist are SEVENTEEN, NCT, and Stray Kids, right?” OP wrote ending the topic.

This topic then became busy among KNetz and received various reactions.

BTS tetap wamil, siapa boy group yang akan dapat pengecualian wamil? (Kolase Twitter @Zhongxxxxlele @pledis_17 @Stray_Kids @BTS_twt)

“There are no exceptions to military service in kpop. So go.”

“If this is the case, even athletes should join in.”

“What is certain is that in the future there will never be exceptions to military service in the entertainment industry haha.”

“In the first place, the idols are Korean men, so it doesn’t make sense to ask whether they should serve in the military or not.”

“Whoever gets the Nobel Peace Prize will be recognized haha.”

“Now No one can.”

“During BTS’s military service, there are no military exceptions in the entertainment industry.”

“BTS and everyone, they have to go. If you don’t want to leave, immigrate like Yoo Seung Jun.”

“For the development of K-pop, the military service law needs to be revised now, and idols who have won top prizes like Mama and Melmu more than once should be excluded.”

“It doesn’t make sense for idols to be exempt from military service. On what basis?

I speak as an ARMY and also as an older sister who saw my younger brother have a hard time in the military, but unwarranted military exclusion goes against justice.”

As well as various other KNetz opinions.

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