Bring good luck, Shin Hye Sun’s presence in dramas and films cannot be replaced, whatever the genre!

Shin Hye Sun tak mampu digantikan dengan popularitasnya saat ini (PlusM Entertainment, JTBC)

– Shin Hye Sun’s presence in films and dramas immediately became Netflix Korea’s top project.

This actress was able to maximize her potential by occupying first place in both Netflix categories simultaneously.

Shin Hye Sun is the main actor in top dramas and films Welcome to Samdalri and “Target”.

As published by MBN Star, the drama Welcome to Samdalri this time managed to occupy first place in the top 10 Netflix Korean drama category today (20/12).

This drama focuses on the character Cho Yong Pil (Ji Chang Wook) who wants to protect the citizens as well as Cho Sam Dal (Shin Hye Sun).

Sam Dal had to lose everything and return to his childhood hometown.

When he was down, the moment when Samdal met and found true love in his village.

Shin Hye Sun, who is the main player in this drama, is able to present comedic moments in her romantic scenes.

This honest and relaxed character in front of her friends and family is what makes this actress’ acting receive positive reviews.

Shifting to films, Shin Hye Sun also played “Target” which also took first place in Netflix Korea’s top 10 films category.

Film thriller This raises the tension that Soo Hyeon’s daily life becomes the target of.

Playing Soo Hyeon, Shin Hye Sun turned around with her colorless character.

Shin Hye Sun tak mampu digantikan dengan popularitasnya saat ini (PlusM Entertainment, JTBC)

In his character, he performs real acting with different emotions based on the threat of the villain in front of him.

Actress Shin Hye Sun’s review this time is focused directly on what steps she will take next.

With her distinctive style and character which has skyrocketed with her dramas and films this time, Shin Hye Sun is irreplaceable.

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