Becoming a Model for the Low Price Coffee Brand Compose Coffee, V BTS Gets the KNetz Spotlight: Why He…

V BTS tuai sorotan KNetz setelah terpilih jadi model baru untuk Compose Coffee (Kolase Instagram @thv, X (Twitter) @taeguide)

– Recently, V BTS attracted attention after being announced to be the new model of a coffee brand.

V BTS is rumored to be the new face of a coffee brand known for its affordable and well-known prices, namely Compose Coffee.

This announcement immediately attracted the attention of the public and many circles KNetz .

Today, Wednesday (20/12), Korean media News1 reported that V BTS was chosen to be the new model for the coffee brand Compose Coffee.

Coffee brand Compose Coffee chose BTS’s V with the aim of working to increase brand awareness.

In particular, V BTS is a world-famous group, so the Compose Coffee coffee brand is expected to quickly increase overseas in the future.

According to the industry, Compose Coffee has signed a contract with BTS’s V to become their new model.

Even V BTS posters will soon be put up in all Compose Coffee stores throughout the country this December.

And the V BTS TV advertisement with Compose Coffee will be broadcast in January 2024.

V BTS has also completed filming before his military departure on December 11, 2023.

Compose Coffee plans to expand their business overseas with a new model, namely V BTS, which will start in Singapore and then continue in other countries.

V BTS tuai sorotan KNetz setelah terpilih jadi model baru untuk Compose Coffee (Kolase Instagram @thv, X (Twitter) @taeguide)

Hearing that V BTS is a new model for this coffee which is known to be cheap and delicious, KNetz welcomed him positively.

“Finally, you can see V BTS at an affordable coffee price huhuhu”

“I think we’ll see Taehyung around town more often, I’ll be happy”

“Compose Coffee is delicious and cheap, currently a V BTS bonus, wow”

“Please, make delicious drinks according to the new model”

“If it’s like this, I’ll be more enthusiastic about going to work, because there are lots of V BTS faces hahaha”

“Why did he choose V BTS? But that’s a big profit hahaha”

“It’s delicious, cheap, another V BTS bonus, oh come on, stop by often if it’s like this”

“I will go to Compose Coffee every day, because I have nothing to lose”

“Come on, recommend the menus at Compose Coffee, I want to buy”

“Even though the model costs more than the coffee”

“If the V BTS model, don’t increase the price, keep it a cheap and delicious coffee shop”

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