Adora Doesn’t Accept Kim Sejeong’s Assessment on Universe Ticket Too Underestimating Participants!

Menuju level PRISM, Adora sepertinya mengingatkan perjuangan Kotoko kepada Kim Sejeong di Universe Ticket (Instagram @clean_0828, @dora._.a)

This time in the 5th episode Universe Tickets, Adora and Kim Sejeong were not brought together as Unicorns.

Universe Tickets again attracted attention, especially the differences in views between Adora and Kim Sejeong.

In this episode Universe Tickets, The Unicorns are Kim Sejeong, Younha, SNSD’s Hyoyeon, and Rian from La Chica.

Meanwhile, Adora this time has a role in Universe Tickets as a producer for participants who are at an average level.

This time as many as 39 participants competed in Station Level Universe Tickets everything is determined by the Unicorns to get to the PRISM level.

First of all, starting from Kim Sejeong, Younha, SNSD’s Hyoyeon, and Rian La Chica present behind the stage Universe Tickets.

To get to the PRISM level, participants Universe Tickets will be grouped into three levels.

And in this challenge there will be nine participants Universe Tickets which will be eliminated by the Unicorns.

Previously, the elimination results used a fan voting system, but in the latest episode, starting from determining the winner and eliminated participants, all of them were Unicorns.

On Level Station those at the same level through Unicorn will compete and win the game.

For teams that receive defeat, Unicorn will select 3 participants who must leave the stage.

Menuju level PRISM, Adora sepertinya mengingatkan perjuangan Kotoko kepada Kim Sejeong di Universe Ticket (Instagram @clean_0828, @dora._.a)

And for the team that wins, there will be 3 participants who will be promoted by Unicorn to a higher level to get to the PRISM level and prepare to debut.

Through Unicorn Tickets , meaning there will be nine promoted and nine eliminated from the losing team.

In the 5th episode Universe Tickets, Two teams of average level are preparing to appear and there are 2 producer teams handling the average team, one of which is Adora.

Adora and Nano Vendors became producers where they produced several songs from BTS to NCT U.

There is also the PARERMAKER production which has three talented producers such as Tenzo, EB, and Samuel Ku. They are famous for their work through WANNA ONE, IU, and GFRIEND.

Nana, Jayla, Gabi, Goo Gyoryeon, Lee Sun Woo, Bae Haram, Jeon Jin Yeong are in the PARERMAKER team.

The PARERMAKER production team rearranged BoA’s song “Girls On Top” with a different concept from the original singer.

Meanwhile, in the Vendors and ADORA teams there were Sumin, Kotoko, Chaewon ex-DIA, Choi Hye Rin, YoonA, and Nako where they used the re-arranged Jewelry song “Superstar”.

At that time Kim Sejeong asked about Adora’s feelings about being on the producer team instead of Unicorn.

Adora revealed, “I got to be there with them (pointing to the Unicorn team table), honestly, I liked how I could meet them up close, I could feel their enthusiasm.

As mentioned earlier, we added a new melody, the lyrics of the melody are like this, ‘Try listening to this dream song at the end of the universe’, that’s the message of the song, like the lyrics, I hope the girls will be able to debut at the end of this show when I working on the song.

I pray for them all this time, I hope you will perform well with the positive energy I give.”

Menuju level PRISM, Adora sepertinya mengingatkan perjuangan Kotoko kepada Kim Sejeong di Universe Ticket (Instagram @clean_0828, @dora._.a)

At the same time Universe Tickets showing how one of the Japanese participants named Kotoko struggled so hard.

He even transcribed the song “Superstar” into Japanese so he could understand it very easily.

Perjuangan Kotoko

Kotoko Struggle (VIU)

Even when assessing solo battle the Unicorns also praised his rapid development in Universe Tickets, Despite the language barrier, Kotoko doesn’t seem to give up.

Even Nano praised her and said, “She is a hardworking girl, she doesn’t have a loud voice, but considering her voice she almost managed to do it. killing part, I think he would be superior if he taught him a little.”

In this battle, Kotoko was successfully chosen by Adora and Nano Vendors to sing killing part from Jewelry “Superstar”.

Not only did she try to memorize the lyrics and sing well, Kotoko also put a lot of effort into the choreography.

When she appeared on stage, it seemed like the Unicorns and producers were shocked by Kotoko’s transformation, who got many more parts killing part.

When the performance was over, Kim Sejeong commented on Kotoko and said, “You were responsible for more parts than expected, of course I can’t say you were perfect, but you didn’t seem to struggle or hesitate to perform.

I know you worked as hard as you could for this performance, I want to say I’m proud of you and impressed with that.”

Next, Adora slightly refuted Kim Sejeong’s words and clarified Kotoko’s appearance.

Perjuangan Kotoko

Kotoko Struggle (VIU)
Penampilan Kotoko bawakan Killing Part

Kotoko’s performance of Killing Part (VIU)
Menuju level PRISM, Adora sepertinya mengingatkan perjuangan Kotoko kepada Kim Sejeong di Universe Ticket (Instagram @clean_0828, @dora._.a)

“Actually there is a lot I want to share, to add to what you said about Kotoko, I have to mention the day of the distribution killing part.

He wrote down the pronunciation of the lyrics in Japanese in his notebook, and practicing his pronunciation late the night before, he diligently prepared for this performance. So this performance means a lot to him, he worked very hard and well.”

But, unfortunately the team produced by Adora and Vendors had to accept defeat from the PARERMAKER producer team.

There were three participants who were eliminated from the Adora team, namely Nako, Choi Hyerin, and finally Kwon Chaewon, former DIA.

Adora ingatkan perjuangan Kotoko ke Kim Sejeong

Adora reminds Kim Sejeong (VIU) of Kotoko’s struggle

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